Affiliates what are they

Affiliates common for both commerce and  electronic are defined as.


affiliates if either party has the power to control the other, or a third party controls or has the power to control the both. Affiliation also exists in (1) in interlocking directorates or ownership, (2) in identity of interests among members of a family and, (3) where employees, equipment, and/or facilities, are shared. Affiliates are subject to greater than normal legal prohibitions and requirements to guard against insider trading.

2.Electronic commerce:

Firm which sells other merchants’ products at its own website. Visitors to the firm’s website may order merchandise from there, but the sale is transacted actually at the principal’s site who passes on a commission to the website from where the order originated.

So in basic terms an affiliate is a person or persons who are rewarded for putting the word out about goods,services and products for a reward of some sort.

How do affiliates get paid:

This is usually rewarded by the amount of work that is put in affiliates are responsible for getting the word out either by word of mouth electronically by news feeds advertising classified advertising or otherwise.

Rewards are often set by the amount of work done sometimes set as pay per referral the more people referred the more rewards you get.

being an affiliate has certain constraints though there are rules that have to be followed and guidelines.
these rules and guidelines are set by the companies and owners of businesses. This means that you or me or anyone acting as a representative need to read the guidelines before action to advertise can take place.

these guidelines are set to protect the consumer and the companies alike the most common form af an affiliate is as a visual advertiser usually in the form of a television advert.

Other forms come from adverts in the street as you are walking driving or other means by using visual signs called banners. Shop signs window signs basically anything which catches your eyes to make you look.

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